Swimming Pools
Spend your time enjoying your swimming pool by letting our Certified
put your mind at ease regarding the condition and quality of
your swimming pool and the investment it represents.  We service both
chlorine and salt water pools.  Whether you need one-time cleaning, weekly
maintenance, or equipment repair services,
Hunter Property Services can
take care of all your pool and spa needs.  
Hunter Property Services offers the following pool/spa services:

  • Weekly Full Maintenance Pool Service
  • Twice Weekly Full Maintenance Pool Service  
  • One-Time Cleanings
  • DE Filter Cleaning
  • Cartridge Filter Cleaning
  • Equipment Repair
    - Filters
    - Pumps/Motors
    - Heaters
    - Automatic Pool Cleaners
    - Valves
    - Pressure Gauges
    - Automatic Controls and Timers
  • Plumbing Rework
  • Salt Cell Cleaning  
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Do-It-Yourself "Pool School" Training
  • Pool Start-Up
  • Vacation Service
  • Realtor (House-On-Market/Relocation) Service
  • Special Event Cleaning

What's Included:

Weekly Full Maintenance Service

  • Test water chemistry (Chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity per visit; calcium hardness,
    stabilizer, TDS, and phosphates, as needed)

  • Add needed basic chemicals to maintain proper water balance within normal operating

  • Net floating debris.

  • Brush pool and spa walls, steps, love seats, and bottom.

  • Pool bottom and sides are vacuumed, as needed.

  • Check water level. Add water while we are there.

  • Empty pump basket, pool sweep and skimmer baskets.  

  • Pool equipment is powered up and checked for proper operation and leaks that may
    cause damage.  If applicable:

  • Adjustments are made to pool equipment to optimize system performance; and

  • Recommendations are made regarding scheduled maintenance that may be required.

  • Backwash and recharge filter, if applicable, 1x per month.

  • Provide report to Homeowner/Resident.

Note:  This service requires 2 filter cleanings per year at additional cost.
Weekly Services Pricing and Scheduling

  • Prices for weekly cleaning services are
    calculated based on pool size, amount of trees
    and shrubs, condition of equipment, plumbing,
    pool surface, and type and condition of pool

  • Weekly Full Maintenance Services include all
    basic chemicals.  This includes the addition of
    chlorine/bromine tablets and granular chlorine
    for proper chlorine balance, soda ash or muriatic
    acid for proper pH balance, muriatic acid or
    sodium bicarb for proper total alkalinity.  It also
    includes DE to recharge the DE filter after
    backwashing.  It does not include specialty
    chemicals such as Jack's Magic, clarifiers,
    boosters, algaecides, any Bioguard products,
    salt for salt pools, etc.  

  • Pool service is generally done on Tuesdays
    Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays depending
    on your area.  In cases of bad weather, your
    pool will be serviced the next serviceable day
    (excluding Sundays).
Qualifications for Service

  • Pool equipment must be working
    properly and adequately sized for the
    size of pool.

  • A working pool sweep is required.

  • Serious leaks in pool must be repaired.  

  • Pool / chemicals must have been
    reasonably kept up to avoid start-up

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